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1000s protest against logging in forest-rich Romania

President Iohannis called protests 'legitimate'

09 May, 19:29

(ANSA/AP) - BUCHAREST - Thousands of people have protested against mass logging of forests in Romania, blaming politicians for allowing deforestation of the important European woodlands.

Demonstrators marched through Bucharest Saturday, carrying banners saying "United we can save the forests!" and "Deforestation is a crime!" They accused political parties of allowing the logging of large swathes of woodland for profit and for failing to control illegal cutting.

Under communism, which ended in 1989, Romania's virgin forests were strictly protected, but in recent years illegal logging has become a big problem.

Romania has 6.6 million hectares (16.3 million acres) of forest, home to brown bear and wolves. President Klaus Iohannis called the protests "legitimate" and said illegal logging would be discussed at the country's next national security meeting.


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