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Datagate: Spiegel's front-page accuses Merkel, "betrayal"

Intelligence head, hearing in Bundestag committee Thursday

02 May, 19:34

(ANSA) - BERLIN - ''Betrayal'', says today the German weekly ''Spiegel's'' front-page headline, accusing Merkel of being jointly responsible for the ''Datagate''.

''The BND and the Federal Government against the German interests'': this is another headline, beneath a photo of the Chancellor, her Interior Minister, Thomas de Maiziere, and the Head of Germany's Intelligence Service Gerhard Schindler. The government has been under pressure for days on charges of lying to Parliament on abuses committed by the NSA (US) in the EU and Germany.

The German parliamentary committee, just established in order to deal with ''Datagate'', will hear, probably next Thursday, from the Head of Germany's intelligence service (BND), Gerhard Schindler. After the latest news on the activities of NSA (US), charged with spying, helped by German secret services, on several politicians and businessmen in Germany and around Europe, Schindler should be questioned as a witness.

Meanwhile, there is a strong pressure on the government, accused of lying to Parliament about the co-operation with the American services. The Greens are now urging Angela Merkel to report to parliament on this issue, in order to have more clarity. (ANSA).

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