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Brussels asks Poland to comply with energy efficiency law

If Warsaw do not comply in two months risks financial penalties

29 April, 20:21

(ANSA) - BRUSSELS - The European Commission has asked Poland to take action and ensure that the Energy efficiency in buildings directive is fully transposed into national law. If Warsaw do not comply with this legal obligation within two months, the EU Commission may decide to refer them to the Court of Justice at a later stage, which could as well include financial penalties.

Under this Directive, Member States must establish and apply minimum energy performance requirements for new and existing buildings, ensure the certification of buildings' energy performance and require the regular inspection of heating and air conditioning systems. In addition, the directive requires Member States to ensure that from 2021 onwards all new buildings will be nearly 'zero-energy' buildings. Regarding Poland, in July 2014 the Commission decided to refer the country to the Court of Justice of the EU. Shortly afterwards Poland responded with the adoption of measures to transpose the Directive.

However, following a further analysis by the Commission it appears that a few of the Directive's provisions have still not been transposed. The European Commission has also asked Poland to ensure the correct implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive, in particular as regards biofuels. It includes key provisions setting individual targets for the overall share of renewable energy in each Member State's energy consumption and for achieving a target of 10% share of renewable energy in transport in 2020. Biofuels can be used to achieve this target, but they must meet a set of sustainability requirements. (ANSA)

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