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Corruption , Slovenia (39th) best in the Balkans

Transparency International, Kosovo & Albania the worst

05 December, 15:48

(ANSA) - LJUBLJANA - Slovenia remains the best country in the Balkans, and is in 39th place (out of 175 countries) in the Corruption Perception Index compiled by Transparency International. Compared to 2013, Slovenia has gained four places. In a ranking from zero (very high corruption) to 100 (no corruption) Ljubljana stood at 58 points (57 last year) . But compared to 2012, when the points gained were 61, the country seems to have worsened.

Transparency International believes that Slovenia should tackle corruption more effectively , especially in the field of public tenders, and in the management of state-owned companies. More transparency is needed even in the legislative process, in particular with respect to those who work on legislative proposals. According to Transparency International, there is a lack of political will to ensure more transparency. The countries with the highest corruption levels in eastern and southeastern Europe are Kosovo and Albania (both in 110th place), whereas Serbia is in 78th place, but has lost six places compared with 2013. (ANSA).

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