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Ukraine introduces passport control towards occupied regions

Record low for grivnia. EU sanctions to Russia an option

06 November, 16:33

(ANSA) - KIEV - Ukraine has introduced passport control towards its eastern regions controlled by the pro-Russian separatists, official sources announced. All Ukrainian and foreign citizens will have to present their passports to enter and exit the areas under control of the rebels, according to a note issued by the Government office for border control. The measure aimes at isolating the territory after seven months of armed conflict has provoked the death of more than 4000 persons. The conflict in the South-East against the pro-Russian militants has crippled the Ukrainian economy, with the local currency, grivnia, reaching record low towards the US dollar - now exchanged for 13,95 grivnia, while one euro is now worth 17,41 grivnia. Meanwhile, the newly elected head of EU diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, reminds that sanctions against Russia remain an option for the EU, and that they will be once again analysed during the high level meeting of the EU ministers of foreign affairs set for November 17th. (ANSA).

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