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One million euros for projects from CEI Fund at EBRD

For development of transport, energy, in Macedonia, Montenegro

09 February, 10:18

(ANSA) - TRIESTE - On the occasion of the First Committee of National Coordinators (CNC) held under the Macedonian CEI Presidency 2015 in Skopje on 3 February, six Technical Assistance projects have been approved, to be financed by the CEI Fund at the EBRD, fully contributed by Italy, for a total value of 1.045.000 euros.

Three Technical Assistance projects have been approved in the sectors of transport and energy in Macedonia, two in the sector of water reform in Montenegro and one project with regional impact in the field of procurement management training. The major portion of the approved resources, EUR 800,000, will be allocated for two CEI Technical Assistance projects aimed at the development of the transport sector in Macedonia. The EBRD investments linked to the two projects amount to EUR 145 million in the railway infrastructures and EUR 160 million for the national roads. As outlined in the priorities of the Macedonian CEI Presidency 2015, the infrastructure development is one of the country's key priorities, crucial for promoting overall growth. In this framework, significant portion of the resources for technical assistance related to the implementation of EBRD investments has been provided by the Italy-sponsored CEI Fund at the EBRDs since 2012.

In particular, the 36-month long Consultancy Services for Project Implementation of the Phase II of Macedonia Rail Corridor VIII will be co-financed with EUR 350,000, while Project Implementation Assistance for the Macedonian National Roads Programme will be funded with EUR 450,000 and will last for 60 months. In addition, support for the preparation of the Agreement related to the Macedonia Renewable Energy Power Purchase will be provided provided with EUR 65,000.

In Montenegro, with tourism as the main growth sector, the Government has given highest priority to securing safe and uninterrupted water supply for the coastal region as it is of essential strategic importance for the development of quality tourism offer. In this light, an Aassistance with the Reform in the Water Sector in Coastal Area will be funded with EUR 70,000, while a detailed Priority Investment Program Identification and Pre-feasibility Study of Local Wwater Supply Systems Expansion in the Coastal Municipalities will be assisted with EUR 35,000.

In this case, Tthe expected related EBRD investments amount to EUR 20 million, destined to financing the upgrade of water infrastructure. Finally, the Third Master in Procurement Management (MPM) at the University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy) will be co-funded with EUR 75,000. The CEI has already successfully sponsored the first two editions of the Master, by offering full sponsorship to senior public procurement managers and officials selected from non-EU CEI member states. "The financial commitment provided by Italy for the above-mentioned projects proves the successful cooperation established with the EBRD, in supporting the economic and social transformation process of non-EU CEI countries, facilitating their European path through regional cooperation", it was stated in the note published by the CEI.

Italy, through the CEI Fund at the EBRD promotes Technical Cooperation (TC) projects supporting EBRD activities in a number of areas, including agriculture, energy, enterprise development, municipal development, transport, and general development.

Technical cooperation is offered in the form of grant-type assistance in support of specific components of a project.

Between 1993 and 2014 the CEI Fund committed more than 23 million EUR. Specifically, TC operations include support for feasibility and pre-feasibility studies, sector and environmental engineering, management training, capacity building, pre-loan audits. (ANSA).

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