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Isis: Berlin 007, 720 left Germany to reach Syria and Iraq

Intelligence chief: they don't know they are just cannon fodder

29 July, 10:21

(ANSA) - BERLIN - More than 720 extremists, most of them under 30, have moved from Germany to Syria and Iraq, to join the terrorists of the Islamic State (Isis), according to der Spiegel Online. Germany's weekly quoted, as a source, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), the domestic intelligence service in Berlin.

According to der Spiegel, over 20% are women. The number of 'foreign fighters' - those who actively fight on the of side of Isis jihadists - is increasing, currently about sixty people.

About one-third of them have returned to Germany. About 1 hundred Islamists have died in war zones, after leaving the most populous country in Europe. The death toll is reported to have doubled in the last 12 months, according to der Spiegel-online.

''Even this summer, the so-called Islamic State is proving to be dangerously attractive to young Islamists from Germany'', said the intelligence service chief Hans-Georg Maassen, speaking with der Spiegel-online. ''Many of the young people who have left the country to reach Syria do not know that they'll be used as cannon fodder. The intelligence is aware of more than 20 cases of suicide bombers, persuaded by Isis'', to commit suicide in order to kill. (ANSA).

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