Golf: Italian game will boom after Ryder Cup 2023 - Chimenti

Female rookies up, Ladies Italian Open key stage

Redazione ANSA ROME

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 25 - Italian golf will really take off after next year's Ryder Cup outside Rome, Italian Golf Federation (FIG) President Franco Chimenti said Wednesday.
    "After the Ryder Cup 2023 Italian golf will boom, via a truly exponential growth," he said at the presentation of the 26th edition of the Ladies Italian Open, taking place on 2-4 June at the Golf Club Margara of Fubine Monferrato near Alessandria.
    "We are very happy that the Female Italian Open has been confirmed this year too as among the most highly anticipated stages of the Ladies European Tour. I hope the Azzurre can cut out a front-row role in a high-level field. The female Italian movement ended 2021 with extremely encouraging numbers and an increase in rookies equal to 101.30%. Being able to see the champions of the international scene in action in Italy will give further impetus to the increase in the number of women players". (ANSA).