No shots of Regeni in video but gaps - prosecutors (3)

Further investigations needed

(ANSA) - Rome, June 27 - Video surveillance taps of the Cairo metro system on the day Giulio Regeni disappeared do not have shots of the tortured and murdered Italian research student but there are gaps in the footage, Rome and Egyptian prosecutors said Wednesday. The prosecutors said their examination of the January 25, 2016 footage "enabled us to verify the absence of images relating to Giulio Regeni inside or near Cairo metro stations".
    But they said "the examination of the recordings showed there are various time gaps in which there isn't any video footage or images" of the Cambridge doctoral researcher, who was killed while doing research into Cairo street seller unions.
    They said that "therefore further investigations are needed to ascertain the causes" of the gaps.
    Regeni, 28, went missing on the heavily policed fifth anniversary of the uprising that ousted former strongman Hosni Mubarak.
    His mutilated body turned up in a ditch on the motorway to Alexandria on February 3, eight days later.
    Italian prosecutors have said so-far-unidentified parts of the Egyptian security apparatus are implicated in the case.
    Egypt has denied all part in the death.