Soccer: Bonucci will accept omission - Buffon (2)

TopNews. Leonardo Bonucci will accept being left out of the Juventus squad in its Champions League last 16 first leg at Porto for disciplinary reasons, captain Gianluigi Buffon said Tuesday. "Leo personifies the Juve style," said Buffon.


Paralympian champion Vio threatened with rape on FB

TopNews. A Facebook page on Tuesday threatened Paralympian fencing champ Bebe Vio with sexual violence, the Codacons consumer protection group said, adding it would start legal action in the case. The page was swiftly removed.

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His ways are very different from ours

Trust in God tweets pope

Pope Francis tweeted Tuesday that "God knows better than us what we need; we must trust Him, because His ways are very different from ours".

Migrants often fall prey to 'unscrupulous criminal gangs'

Pope Francis calls for migrant humanitarian channels, shelter

Pope Francis on Tuesday called for "accessible and safe humanitarian channels" for those fleeing wars and persecution who often fall prey to "unscrupulous criminal organizations".

Christian, Jewish, Islamic terrorism don't exist

No people is criminal, no faith terrorist - pope

Pope Francis said Friday "no people is criminal and no religion is terrorist" while "Christian terrorism doesn't exist, not Jewish or Islamic".

Doesn't give in to globalisation of indifference

Young heart can't stand injustice, throwaway culture - pope

Pope Francis tweeted Friday "a young heart can't stand injustice and doesn't bend to throwaway culture, nor does it give in to the globalisation of indifference".

Fight material, spiritual poverty

Let's build peace, bridges tweets Pope

Pope Francis tweeted Thursday "I urge you to fight against poverty, both material and spiritual, let's build peace together and build bridges".

Francis gives general audience in Sala Nervi

Europe must remain united in Christian tradition - Pope

Pope Francis said that Europe must be united in its Christian traditions during his weekly general audience on Wednesday.

Speculation leaders could meet in May

No request from US for Trump papal audience - Vatican

The United States has so far not made any requests for President Donald Trump to have an audience with Pope Francis, Vatican sources said on Tuesday.

Francis says Church must also be severe with those who cover up

Pope asks forgiveness for paedophile priests

Pope Francis has asked forgiveness for pedophile priests and called for greater severity from the Church towards cover-ups in the preface of a book by Swiss writer Daniel Pittet about his own long experience of child abuse by one priest.

Trust the Lord

Never set conditions on God tweets Pope Francis

Pope Francis tweeted Monday "let us never set conditions on God! Trusting the Lord means entering into his designs without demanding anything".

Money alone cannot guide those called to guarantee health

Human dignity is 'inviolable' says Pope Frances

The dignity of the human person is "inviolable" and "takes first place" from the moment of conception to the moment of death, Pope Francis told the Commission for Charity and Health of the Italian bishops' conference on Friday.

Francis tells Civiltà Cattolica sexual abuse is illness

Pope admits corruption exists in Vatican

Francis tells Civiltà Cattolica some inside Peter's boat 'row in opposite directtion', says sexual abuse is illness.

'They bring a richness men don't have'

Women aren't just dish washers says pope

Women aren't just dish washers and have a "richness" men do not possess, Pope Francis said Thursday. "Exploiting women is a crime, it destroys harmony," the pope said in his homily at St Martha's House, the Vatican hostel he lives in.

Prays for Ronhingya, speaks about St Bakhita 'of migrants'

Pope urges govts to crack down on child trafficking

Pope Francis on Wednesday spoke out against human trafficking especially as concerns the young in the day's general audience. He also urged protection of migrants.

Francis says minority fleeing from one place to another

Pope draws attention to plight of Myanmar Rohingya

Pope Francis drew attention to the persecution endured by the Rohingya minority in Myanmar during his weekly general audience on Wednesday.

Lenten message

Money can make world subservient, hinder peace - Pope Francis

Pope Francis on Tuesday warned against the risk money poses to love and peace in his Lenten message called 'The Word is a gift. The other is a gift'.

Francis welcomes delegation of Global Catholic Climate Movement

Pope calls for continued commitment for environment and the poor

Pope Francis welcomed a delegation of the Global Catholic Climate Movement during his weekly general audience on Wednesday, urging local churches to work to protect the environment and the poor.

Francis says Christ has no 'security detail'

Jesus mingled with people but not for popularity says pope

Pope Francis on Tuesday said Jesus was "always in the middle" of a crowd, "without a security detail", "not because he was looking for popularity" but rather to be close to the people, during a homily at the Santa Marta residence where he lives in the Vatican.

Francis receives Cardinal La Croix

Pope praying for victims of Québec mosque attack

Pope Francis spoke to Cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix, archbishop of Québec, after presiding over Mass at the Santa Marta residence in the Vatican on Monday and promised he was praying for the victims of an attack on a mosque in the Canadian city, the Vati...

Live life with courage

Don't be faint-hearted says pope

Pope Francis on Friday urged Christians at a Vatican Mass not to be faint-hearted and to "live everyday life with courage, don't be afraid".

Turning suffering into entertainment risks 'dulling conscience'

Pope calls for end to focus on bad news

Turning suffering into entertainment risks 'dulling conscience'.