Italy second-last in OECD youth-employment ranking


Italy came second-last in a ranking on youth employment released on Wednesday by the OECD. The Paris-based organization said the employment rate for Italians aged 15-29 dropped from 64.33% in 2007 to 52.


Five arrests for vote-buying in Sicily

Finance police on Wednesday issued five house-arrest warrants on people suspected of vote-buying in relation to Palermo municipal elections and Sicilian regional elections in 2012.


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Expo 2015

Products ready for Italian market

Brunei launches halal produce at Milan Expo

The Sultanate of Brunei will export its branded, halal food products to Italy, officials announced at Expo Milan 2015 on Tuesday.

Historic documents compare 1906, 2015 world fairs

'Then-and-now' Expo show in Milan

A "then-and-now" Milan Expo exhibition showcasing historic documents and comparing the 2015 Expo to its 1906 predecessor is on display at Milan's Chamber of Commerce this month.

Expo Prime Minister Habib Essid among participants

Tunisian National Day celebrated at Expo

Tunisia will celebrate its national day on Wednesday at the shared space of the Bio-Mediterranean Cluster at Expo Milano 2015. Prime Minister Habib Essid will take part in the event.

World’s fair open to midnight on Saturdays and Sundays

Milan Expo open to midnight at weekends

Expo Commissioner and CEO Giuseppe Sala said Tuesday he was "proud" of the decision to extend the opening hours of the world's fair to midnight on Saturdays and Sundays as it showed it had visitor appeal.

Global culture ministers to meet in Milan in July

Milan Expo chance for culture, Franceschini says

Culture Minister Dario Franceschini said Tuesday he hoped an upcoming meeting at Expo of his colleagues from around the world would be an opportunity to reaffirm a global commitment to culture.

Ferrovie dello Stato launches exhibit on food from ancient times

Ancient Romans parade through Expo 2015

Ancient Roman emperors, senators, gladiators and dancers arrived Monday at the Rho-Pero-Expo train station on board a Frecciarossa train to inaugurate the state railway company's exhibition at Milan Expo 2015.

'Gladiators' at Expo

Coldiretti inaugurates 'Ancient Romans' most beloved foods'

Expo show highlights ancient Roman foods

At least one out of every four Italian dishes has its origins in an ancient Roman recipe, according to farmers' union Coldiretti, which on Monday inaugurated its Milan Expo 2015 exhibit "Ancient Romans' Most Beloved Foods".

Princess Hasnaa hails Expo and path toward a greener Morocco

Morocco pavilion garners high praise at Expo

The Moroccan pavilion at Milan Expo 2015 wowed visitors over the weekend with its recreation of the sights, aromas and even winds of the North African country.

First time Italian wine participates in a Universal Exposition

Italian wine pavilion kicks off at Expo

Milan Expo 2015 marks the first time Italian wine has been represented with a pavilion of its own at a world fair.

Among host of heads of State, government to see World Fair

President Mattarella to visit Milan Expo 2015 on June 5

Italian President Sergio Mattarella will visit Expo Milano 2015 on June 5, sources at the presidential palace said Friday. The Italian head of State will tour pavilions the entire day, they said.

Agrofarma employs Milan troupe in promoting agrochemical use

Agrochemicals star in Expo performance

Agrofarma, Italy's national agrochemical association, presented a play at Expo 2015 on Friday whose plot revolved around the use and promotion of agrochemicals.


Calls Milan Charter 'cultural and moral heritage' of Expo

Barilla president says Expo 'world view on nutrition now'

Guido Barilla, president of his family's pasta firm, on Friday said that Expo should be viewed as neither good nor bad, but rather "what the world feels like displaying about nutrition at this moment," speaking at a press conference on the group's 2014 ann...


Buyers purchase PIN code that converts online to Expo ticket

Milan Expo ticket sales widen with 40,000 SisalPay points

SisalPay activated 40,000 sales points on Friday that will sell buyers an Expo 2015 PIN code that they can convert online to an Expo ticket, Sisal Group said. SisalPay points are located at tobacconists, newsstands, and bars throughout Italy.

Will tour pavilions whole day

Mattarella to visit Expo June 5

Italian President Sergio Mattarella will visit Expo Milan 2015 on June 5, sources at the presidential palace said Friday. He will tour pavilions the entire day, they said.

Milan Charter on sustainable food signed

Expo presented in Izmir, city with historic ties to Italy

The Milan Expo 2015 has been presented in Izmir, where the ancient city Smyrna once stood and which has historic ties to Italy.

Logo Expo Milano 2015

Beef producer 'generates more consuming less'

Inalca beef producer showcased at Expo

Beef products company Inalca, a subsidiary of the Cremonini group, presented its stand in the Cibus è Italia pavilion at Milan Expo on Thursday under the banner 'producing more consuming less'.

Premier says World fair recovered from corruption scandals

Italy showing best face with Milan Expo, says Renzi

Premier Matteo Renzi said Thursday that Italy was showing its best side at Milan Expo 2015, after the World Fair recovered from being hit by a big corruption probe last year.

High-tech Italian techno-prowess on display at Milan Expo exhibit

Make in Italy showcases 50 years of Italian innovation

The world's first desktop personal computer, the world's first microchip, the accelerometer in most peoples' smartphones... all these elements have something in common which probably very few people are aware of: they were invented by Italians.

'Myth and nature' at Palazzo Reale shows Classical artifacts

Man and Nature in Milan Expo show

The representation of nature in the Classical world and man's interaction with his natural environment are the themes of an exhibition opening in Milan at the end of July to coincide with Expo, organisers said Tuesday.

Masterpiece installation Panorama showcases Italian beauty

Panorama, a journey through Italy

Elaborating on an age-old cliché, if pictures tell a thousand words, then Panorama - a new video installation about Italy opening to the public on the sidelines of Expo 2015 in Milan on Thursday - would fill up several encyclopedias.