Italy 'a potential ISIS target'

Italy is a "potential target" for Islamic terrorists because of its "symbolic value as the epicenter of Christianity", Italy's intelligence services told parliament Friday.

Bersani snubs Renzi and PD meeting on reforms

Something of a showdown was expected Friday at a meeting of Democratic Party (PD) MPs convened by Premier Matteo Renzi to discuss controversial government reforms that some party members have opposed.


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Upcoming Events

Poll finds 60% of firms believe fair will boost revenues

Expo's cultural events presented in NY

Nearly 60 days ahead of the much-anticipated Milan Expo 2015 kicking off on May 1, Italian Culture Minister Dario Franceschini this week presented in New York the cultural program of the food-themed event.

Environmentally conscious materials deployed in Expo pavilions

'Building Expo' showcases new materials

Pioneering materials being used in Milan Expo pavilions include self-cleaning tiles, Corten steel, and wood from sustainably developed forests.

Expo materials

Expo New UK Consul discussed 'Expo in the City' event

Expo: British Ambassador and Milan mayor mull programme

UK Ambassador to Italy Christopher Prentice met Milan mayor Giuliano Pisapia Wednesday, outlining Britain's plans for the Expo 2015 universal exposition including events promoted by Birmingham, the doughty Midlands city twinned with Italy's business capital.

UK pavilion at Expo

Expo New UK Consul discussed 'Expo in the City' event

Expo:UK ambassador meets Milan mayor

UK Ambassador to Italy Christopher Prentice met Milan mayor Giuliano Pisapia Wednesday, outlining Britain's plans for the Expo 2015 universal exposition including events promoted by Birmingham, the doughty Midlands city twinned with Italy's business capital.

Street show will climax with auction for charity

Expo fashion arty manholes unveiled

An exhibition of 24 artistic manhole covers hand-painted and designed by leading fashion designers was unveiled Tuesday.

Artists' manhole covers in Milan's via Montenapoleone

Coin designed by author of Italian euro

Official Rome toward Expo coin unveiled

The official Milan Expo 2015 coin dedicated to the city of Rome was unveiled Tuesday. The coin measures 32 mm in diameter and was forged from Nordic Brass and recycled metal with the inscription "Roma verso Expo," (Rome towards Expo).

Expo coin

Governor stresses richness of art centres beyond Rome

Lazio to head Expo 'art cities' category

The Lazio region will spearhead the "cities of art" exhibit theme at the Milan Expo 2015 world's fair, Governor Nicola Zingaretti said Tuesday. "We will be in the programme of events at Milan," the governor told a regional government committee.

Nicola Zingaretti

Italian youth 'to imagine future' at world's fair

Italy pavilion to host Vivaio Italia

The Italy pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015 world's fair opening on May 1 will host Vivaio Italia - or Italian Nursery Garden - a round of concerts, performances and debates that will involve 725 Italian schools, the events manager of the Italy pavilion Paol...

Expo celebrates Italian wines

29% of female-owned businesses in tourism or food services

Women entrepreneurs positioned to profit from Expo 2015

Female entrepreneurs could stand to profit more than the average businessperson as a result of the tourist influx for Milan's Expo 2015, according to figures released on Friday by the Observatory of Female Entrepreneurship of Unioncamere, an organization t...

Project part of Nursery Garden Italy in national pavilion

School children to 'imagine future of Italy' at Expo

Pupils from 725 schools across the country are to present their idea of the future of Italy in its national pavilion at Milan Expo, organisers said Thursday.

Lombardy governor says airport has 'future as a passenger hub'

Maroni says Expo will make Malpensa major European hub

Milan's Expo 2015 will give the local Malpensa airport the opportunity to show its potential as a major European hub for air travel, said Lombardy governor Roberto Maroni on Wednesday.

Initiative promoted by Legambiente and state railways

'Green train' promotes agriculture for Milan Expo

The pro-environment 'treno verde', or green train, initiative promoted annually by Italian environmentalist group Legambiente and State railways Ferrovie dello Stato will this year be dedicated to the food-themed Expo kicking off on May 1 in Milan.

Environment minister hopes for more awareness of ethics

Galletti says food waste moral issue

Environment Minister Gian Luca Galletti said Tuesday that the problem of food waste, a moral and ethical issue, will be important to Milan Expo 2015 which opens in May.

Gian Luca Galletti

Fashion weeks of June and September to 'unveil hidden side'

Milan fashion opens to public for Expo

The two fashion weeks in June and September during the Milan Expo world's fair will have a calendar of events organised by fashion houses open to the public, the Italian National Chamber of Fashion said Tuesday.

Tells IFAD that 'increased consumer awareness' byproduct of fair

Padoan says Milan Expo 2015 raising big issues

Economy Minister Pier Carlo Padoan said Monday that Milan Expo 2015 will raise crucial policy issues related to global food security as well as consumer awareness.

'Even comics need to eat' features Popeye, Obelix, Garfield

Comics exhibit pays tribute to Expo '15

A comics exhibition in Milan dubbed 'even comics need to eat' will pay tribute to Expo 2015 by featuring famous cartoon characters and their interest in food.

Popeye at Expo Milan 2015

Italian pavilion raises food issues at organic exhibition

Milan Expo 2015 presents at German fair

Milan Expo's Biodiversity Park made an early debut this week with a presentation at the Nuremberg organic fair, dedicated to agricultural biodiversity and organic farming.

Italian pavilion

As tourism fair BIT promotes food-themed event in Milan

World Expo Tour touches down in Warsaw and Vienna

The 'World Expo Tour' stopped over in Warsaw on Thursday and is scheduled to hit Vienna on Friday to promote the six-month Universal Exposition kicking off on May 1.

Cultural councillor asks minister to authorise loan by Uffizi

Milan wants Leonardo's Annunciation for Expo

1519' is composed of 216 loaned artworks by the Renaissance master including 97 from around the world including the Louvre, the Washington national Gallery, the Metropolitan museum of New York, the British Museum and the Royal Library at Windsor.

World Fair logo will be on MSC Fantasia

MSC is Official Cruise Carrier for Milan Expo 2015

MSC is the official cruise carrier of Expo 2015, the company announced on Wednesday. The logo of the six-month Universal Exposition kicking off on May 1 will be on display on the MSC Fantasia cruise liner sailing in the Mediterranean throughout 2015.