Higher costs for temp contracts may be in budget bill

The government is considering raising the cost to employers of using temporary contracts in the 2018 budget law in order to encourage them to hire people on permanent, open-ended deals, sources said Friday.



Soccer: Napoli and Juve stay perfect

TopNews. Napoli stormed back from behind to beat Lazio 4-1 and champions Juventus beat Fiorentina 1-0 at home as both sides continued their perfect start to the Serie A season on Wednesday.

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Francis admits his 'concern'

Pope worried at xenophobia in Europe, including by Catholics

Francis admits his 'concern'.

Francis says will never give clemency to those responsible

Pope says Church was 'late' on child sex abuse

Francis says will never give clemency to those responsible.

Attempt to restore decorum, still allowed to sleep in area at night

Vatican Gendarmeria move on homeless around St Peter's during day

Attempt to restore decorum, still allowed to sleep in area at night.

Over 200 people dead after 7.1 magnitude earthquake

Pope 'close' to Mexico after quake

Over 200 people dead after 7.1 magnitude earthquake.

Ambassador Maccotta says in constant contact with consulates

No Italians among Mexico quake victims for now-envoy

Ambassador Maccotta says in constant contact with consulates.

Former Bambino Gesù foundation president on trial in Vatican

Bertone renovation 'aimed to double investment' - Profiti

Former Bambino Gesù foundation president on trial in Vatican.

Priest recalled after State Department notification

Vatican probes diplomat in U.S. over child porn case

Priest recalled after State Department notification.

Twitter post as leaders gather for UN general assembly

War negation of all rights - Pope Francis

Pope Francis on Wednesday tweeted that: "War is the negation of all rights. Let us pray for those who have the responsibility to avoid war between peoples".

Announcement by Triveneto bishops conference

Pope Francis has given OK to Venice visit in 2018

Pope Francis has said he is willing to visit Venice in 2018, the bishops conference of the Triveneto area, headed by Venice Patriarch Francesco Moraglia, said on Tuesday.

Italy govt OK on migrants, Libya

Those unaware of climate change 'stupid' says pope

Pope Francis said Monday "why do they tarry in becoming aware of the effects of climate change? A phrase from the Old Testament comes to me, from the Psalm: 'Man is stupid'.

Tells Mattarella praying for Italy

Pope prays at Rome basilica after Colombia trip

AS is customary after trips abroad, Pope Francis prayed at the Rome Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore (St Mary Major) Monday on his return from a six-day trip to Colombia.

Twitter message on 20th anniversary of saint's death

Pope Francis calls for 'joy and hope like Mother Teresa'

Pope Francis cited Mother Teresa in his appeal to open "opportunities of joy and hope for the many who are discouraged and need understanding and tenderness", writing in the nine different languages of his @Pontifex Twitter accounts on Tuesday, the 20th an...

Mencacci praises Francis for knocking down stigma

Pope Francis hailed for admitting to therapy with analyst

A top Italian psychiatrist, Claudio Mencacci, on Friday praised Pope Francis for admitting that he did therapy with an analyst when he as younger.

'To seek peace via dialogue, respect'

Leaders of 7 Korean religions to pope Sep 2

The leaders of South Korea's seven top religious groups will come to the Vatican to talk to Pope Francis on September 2, the head of South Korea's Bishops Conference, Msgr Igino Kim Hee-joong, said Thursday.

New tweet

Being Church people means being people of Communion - pope

Pope Francis tweeted Friday that "being men and women of the Church means being men and women of Communion".

Need Holy Spirit to hope

People need hope to live tweets pope

Pope Francis tweeted Thursday that "men need hope to live and the Holy Spirit to hope".

Too much bad news

Unchristian to walk with lowered gaze like pigs - pope

It is not Christian to walk with one's gaze lowered like pigs, Pope Francis said at his weekly general audience Wednesday. He also warned against having sad faces like chilly peppers in vinegar.

@pontifex goes out in nine languages

Pope tops 37 million Twitter followers

Pope Francis' nine @pontifex Twitter accounts have more than 37 million followers, a Vatican monitoring site reported Monday. Francis' Twitter account goes out in nine languages. The top language is Spanish, followed by English and Italian.

Bild exclusive on preface to victim's book

Pope asks forgiveness for paedophilia 'monstrosity'

Pope Francis says in a preface to a clerical paedophile victim's book that "it is an absolute monstrosity, a terrible sin, which contradicts all that the Church teaches".

Francis calls for 'end to every form of hatred and violence'

Pope pained by Nigeria attack, violence in CAR

Pope Francis expressed dismay during his weekly general audience on Wednesday about Sunday's attack on a church in Nigeria and reports that Christians have been targeted in a new attack in the Central African Republic.