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The cabinet on Friday approved sweeping measures to revamp Italy's judicial, political and economic systems, including the government's so-called Unblock Italy decree designed to cut red tape, promote investments and lift the economy out of recession, its ...

Recession, joblessness paint bleak picture for Italy


Confirmation Friday that the Italian economy is in recession added to the lengthening list of economic woes that included new evidence of rising unemployment and a significant threat of deflation.




Juve get Atletico, Roma Bayern

Sports. Italian champions Juventus got Atletico Madrid in the Champions League group stage while runners-up Roma were drawn against Bayern Munich.

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IndiceValueTrend +/-
FTSE Italia All-Share0.45%+
FTSE Italia Mid Cap-0.51%-
FTSE Italia STAR-0.43%-
FTSE MIB0.54%+


ValuteValueTrend +/-
Dollaro USA1.3188+
Lira sterlina0.7953+
Franco svizzero1.2061+
Dollaro australiano1.4123+
Dollaro canadese1.4314+
Dollaro di Hong Kong10.2208+

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August 29 Efforts to bring Botticelli's Venus, Riace bronzes

Expo masterpieces cause stir

Milan Expo 2015 will focus on food, but this week efforts - and controversy - aimed at bringing iconic Italian masterpieces to the world fair came to light.

August 26 Darsena Center also illustrates re-styling of old city docks

Milan opens info point dedicated to Expo

An information point dedicated to Milan Expo 2015 and the re-styling of the Darsena, or old city docks, opened in the heart of the building site on Tuesday.

Stakes in major listed companies for geopolitical reasons

China investing in Italy ahead of Expo

An official visit by Chinese president and Communist party chief Xi Jinping has been confirmed, and he will be in Italy in mid-October to take part in the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) alongside 27 EU states and 15 other Asian ones as China looks to raise inv...

'We'll pull it off,' says premier at site of World Fair

Renzi vows Milan Expo 2015 ill-wishers won't prevail

Premier Matteo Renzi said he would not let those who want to see Milan Expo 2015 fail get any satisfaction after visiting the site of next year's World Fair on Wednesday.