EU's Triton to be boosted for migrant crisis

Italian Premier Matteo Renzi said Friday some progress was made at Thursday's EU migrant emergency summit, in which leaders decided to triple funding for the EU Triton sea mission and to review ways to destroy people smugglers' boats before they depart.



Juventus face Real Madrid

Sports. Juventus will face holders Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals after being pitched against the Spanish giants in Friday's draw at UEFA's Nyon headquarters.

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Expo 2015

American chefs to sponsor US food alongside Iranian pavilion

Italy readies for Expo

As Italy is gearing up to host Milan's food-themed Universal Exposition in a week, the Lower House has approved a motion for the cabinet to regard food as a fundamental right ahead of the Milan Charter to be drafted at the world's fair.

'Artifice reintegrated with nature' at Piazza Duomo

Pistoletto's monumental apple at Expo

A monumental apple sculpture by Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto has been donated to the City of Milan for the start of Expo 2015 and will be on display in Piazza Duomo during the first two weeks of May.

Italy's ENEA to present high-tech green project

Vertical Farm at Milan Expo 2015

Italy's National Technology, Energy and Environment Agency ENEA will bring high-tech green to the Milan Expo 2015 with the first Italian "vertical farm", the agency announced on Thursday.

Milan has identified Leonardo as its ‘hero’, report

NYT dedicates article to Expo

The New York Times on Thursday dedicated a long article to Expo Milan 2015 ahead of the official opening on May 1 under the banner 'Feeding the planet, energy for life'.

'Will revolutionize' history of human nutrition

Oldest flour in the world at Expo 2015

The oldest grinding flour in the world will be on display at the Milan Expo 2015 and is set to "revolutionize understanding of Paleolithic man", officials announced on Thursday.

Japanse animè is official pavilion envoy

Hello Kitty Japan's ambassador at Milan Expo 2015

Japanese animè character Hello Kitty will be the official ambassador of the Japanese Pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015, parent company Sanrio announced on Thursday.

National pavilion to include business centre, restaurant

Milan Expo 2015 marks first World Fair for Uruguay

Uruguay is to participate for the first time ever in a universal exposition with its own national pavilion at Expo Milan 2015, organisers said Thursday.

Arcimboldo, Balla, Beecroft, Guttuso, and more

Six artworks to represent Italy at Expo

Visitors to the Palazzo Italia at the Italy pavilion at the Expo world's fair opening May 1 will be greeted by six works of art representing the nation in its past and present aspects, sources said Tuesday.

Children Park features playing 'ring around planet'

Expo 2015 extravaganza also for kids

Expo 2015 organisers have taken into account the needs of children visiting the universal exposition including a Children Park where youngsters can play educational games on the theme of feeding the planet, organisers said Wednesday.

Along with chocolate-covered scorpions and other bugs

Pufferfish heads to Expo

Japan's poisonous pufferfish, or fugu, will be among the exotic fauna on the menu at Milan Expo 2015 along with Zimbabwean crocodile and chocolate-covered bugs from Thailand, sources said Tuesday.

A Japanese chef with pufferfish

Chic outlets gearing up for world's fair

Milan boutiques line up Expo wares

For visitors attending Expo 2015 in Milan, from May 1-October 31, the trip to Italy's business capital will be as much an opportunity to learn about food and nutrition as to shop at some of the world's top boutiques.

Pavilions by 10 countries behind the beans

Salgado, Illy to inaugurate Expo cluster

Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado will be on hand May 1 to inaugurate the so-called coffee cluster, a group of 10 coffee-producing countries showing together at Milan Expo 2015, sources said Monday.

Real blowout to involve foreign visitors outside the fairground

26 million meals to be served at Milan Expo 2015

Some 26 million meals worth an estimated total of 320 million euros will be served at Milan Expo 2015, farmers' association Coldiretti said Tuesday. This will translate into approximately 450,000 tonnes of food served.

Hoteliers say occupancy risen to 60%

Milan hotel reservations up 50% ahead of Expo

May hotel reservations in Milan climbed 50% compared to last year as the city ramps up for Expo, which runs May to October.

Franceschini wants 'to give people a reason to return'

Milan Expo heralds 'extraordinary year' for tourism, minister says

Milan Expo 2015 is Italy's chance to "give the millions of people who will come a reason to appreciate Italy and to return," said Italian Minister for Tourism and Cultural Heritage, Dario Franceschini, on Monday.

Cameron, Hollande, Merkel, Putin have confirmed visit, Sala says

Milan Expo to draw world leaders, hopes for Michelle Obama

As the inauguration on May 1 of the food-themed Universal Exposition in Milan draws nearer, a number of world leaders have confirmed they will attend the event and Expo chief Giuseppe Sala has said organizers are hoping to draw United States First Lady.

Commissioner Sala 'ready to bet' exposition can be ready on time

7,430 workers battling to prepare Milan Expo

As many as 7,430 workers are battling to ensure the Milan Expo 2015 universal exposition pavilions are all ready for the opening May 1, Commissioner Giuseppe Sala said Friday.

Slow Food Planet lets users to experience traditions, flavours

Slow Food presents global app for Expo

Slow Food on Thursday presented an app allowing users to discover the world through its traditions, foods and flavors in view of Milan Expo 2015.

'We'll be very close' says commissioner

Expo will be 'nearly' ready says Sala

Everything will be "nearly ready" when the Milan Expo 2015 world's fair opens on May 1, Commissioner Giuseppe Sala said Wednesday.

3-mn-euro pavilion to focus on 'daily bread' message

Vatican presents 'simple' Expo pavilion

The Holy See will have a "minimalist" presence at Expo Milan 2015 with a pavilion costing 3 million euros, Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, Expo Commissioner General for the Holy See, said Tuesday.