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Premier Matteo Renzi said there was no cause for alarm after preliminary data released by Istat on Friday showed that Italy's unemployment rate climbed to 12.7% in June, up 0.2 of a percentage point on the previous month.

M5S-funded Sicilian bypass road opened

A bypass financed by Italy's 5-Star Movement (M5S) is set to open to traffic on Saturday to provide a workaround after a viaduct collapsed on the A19 road between Palermo and Catania in April, effectively splitting Sicily in half.

Best June-July for seaside tourism in a decade


Italy's seaside resorts have enjoyed their best start to the summer season, in terms of business in June and July, in a decade, Riccardo Borgo, the head of the Italian union of beach establishments (Sindacato Italiano Balneari), said on Friday.

Award-winning Liguria beach (ANSA) Award-winning Liguria beach



Soccer: Liverpool closing door to Balotelli

TopNews. Mario Balotelli's Liverpool adventure evidently is in its final stages after the club decided to bar the flamboyant Italian attacker from training with other team members, sources said Friday.

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Expo 2015

Premier sees combating youth unemployment through culture

Renzi tells Expo culture will create jobs

Premier Matteo Renzi said on Friday that he was counting on the culture sector to help create jobs and tackle the country's high levels of unemployment, particularly among young people.

Debate on how to protect global heritage

Renzi at Expo culture ministers' meeting

Premier Matteo Renzi joined representatives from 83 countries at a conference of culture ministers at the Expo world's fair on Friday.

Motorists to select 80 types of top Italian food products

Farmers present service-area delicacies drive at Milan Expo

As part of an initiative launched at Milan Expo 2015 by Italian farmers' group Coldiretti-FAI, Italian motorists hitting the highway will have a pick of some of the best Italian-made agricultural products when they stop at service stations.

Threshold reached half way through exposition's six months

Two million visitors to US Milan Expo pavilion

The United States pavilion at Expo Milan has received over two million visitors, officials said Friday. This threshold was reached half way through the six months of the Universal Exposition.

Renzi to address cultural protection theme

Eighty culture ministers invited to Milan Expo

Cultural ministry delegations from 80 countries are scheduled to attend a conference on worldwide cultural heritage protection Friday and Saturday, hosted by the Italian culture ministry at Expo.

Replacing Tintoretto's Last Supper

Holy See Expo pavilion to show Rubens tapestry

The Holy See announced Thursday its pavilion at the Expo world's fair will replace Tintoretto's Last Supper with Peter Paul Rubens' The Institute of the Eucharist.

Allocates 3.4 million euros to regions

Education ministry to fund school trips to Expo

The education ministry said on Thursday it would be providing schools with funding so that as many students as possible can attend the Expo world's fair in Milan. The ministry said it would allocate some 3.

Project for mid-low incomes in Brazil's northeast

Italian firm presents 1st 'social' smart city at Milan Expo

The first smart city for low-cost housing will be built in Brazil by the Italian firm RECS Architects.

Over 40 chefs at Italian Cooking Forum

Chefs and govt team up for 'FoodAct' launch at Expo

Over 40 of Italy's most important chefs and three ministers representing the Italian government presented 'FoodAct' during the Italian Cooking Forum at Expo Milano 2015.

Emilia Romagna region project

Man Against Hunger exhibit at Expo

The Emilia Romagna region will present an educational exhibit designed for schools entitled Man Against Hunger at the Expo world's fair on Friday.

Fair will have more of an impact if it promotes key issues

Milan Expo is 'a great success' says Lombardy governor

The six-month Milan Expo 2015 running through October is a success in terms of visitor satisfaction, Lombardy Governor Roberto Maroni told Radio Montecarlo on Wednesday.

Sweets and pastries from Paolo Forti

Sicilian 'buccellati' cakes at Expo

Traditional 'buccellati' or Sicilian Christmas cakes from the Paolo Forti family-run company are on display at the Expo world's fair Bio-Mediterranean Cluster. The company has deep ties to the Sicilian territory and its pastry-making tradition.

Showcased at Bio-Med Cluster

Sicilian hoteliers promote unusual itineraries at Expo

Sicilian hoteliers association Federalberghi Sicilia is promoting unusual tourist itineraries at the Expo Bio-Mediterranean Cluster.

Tourism project a success at other fairs

Rural Sicily routes presented at Expo

Sicilian rural tourism itineraries making up Il Percorso delle Torri e delle Primizie (The Way of Towers and Early Harvests) will be presented Wednesday at Expo as part of a special initiative at the Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster.

Techniques illustrated by experts

Sicilian ceramics on show at Expo

Piazzetta Sicilia has been filled with jars from Santo Stefano di Camastra, the celebrated city of ceramics evoked by the likes of playwright Luigi Pirandello.

Chefs show off powers of ancient spice

Saffron festival at Expo Bio-Med Cluster

Greece has organized a cooking show focusing on the celebrated Krokos Kozanis saffron at the Bio-Med Cluster at the Expo world's fair.

Instrument crafted in 1669 to be highlighted in September

Stradivarius replaces Arcimboldi work at Expo pavilion

The painting which inspired the Expo mascot Foody is to leave its showcase in the Italian pavilion at Milan Expo 2015 and be replaced by an historic Stradivarius violin.

Punta del Este stand at Uruguay pavilion

Uruguay encourages foreign investors at Milan Expo

The Uruguayan peninsula of Punta del Este is encouraging investment at Expo, promising that investors can recoup "up to 100% in 15 years" thanks to government tax credits, said John Stuart Leaman, vice president of Destino Punta del Este, on Tuesday.

Expo: Padiglione Uruguay

Milan Center for Food Law and Policy launched

Milan 'world capital of right to food' after Expo

Milan should become the world's capital of right to food and a legal reference point for food rights after it hosts the food-themed Expo 2015 world's fair, according to the former president of the city's tribunal, Livia Pomodoro.

'ScobyDo' project produced material from kombucha

Israeli students at Expo show clothes made from bacteria

Israeli high school students at Expo on Tuesday displayed clothing and objects they produced from a material derived from bacteria.

Material made from bacteria