Ryder Cup: 'Give my best over 3 days' says Molinari

TopNews. Open champion Francesco Molinari said Tuesday it didn't matter what you've done so far this season but only "giving your best over the three days" of the upcoming Ryder Cup outside Paris from Friday to Sunday.


Olympic bid 'closed' - Giorgetti

TopNews. Italy's bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics has been "closed" by Turin dropping out leaving Cortina and Milan as the joint bidders, Cabinet Secretary Giancarlo Giorgetti said Friday.


Soccer: Juve and Napoli win, Roma in crisis

TopNews. Cristiano Ronaldo scored to help Juventus clinch a 2-0 win in the closing stages at promoted Frosinone on Sunday and maintain their perfect record so far in Serie A this season.

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Catholics shd be united, good citizens, foster reconciliation

Continue dialogue with China govt says Pope

Pope Francis on Wednesday urged the Chinese government, in the wake of a deal between the Holy See and Beijing about appointing government-approved bishops, to continue dialogue with the Vatican.

Francis hails country's 'maternity'

Life should be given priority over economy - Pope in Latvia

Francis hails country's 'maternity'.

'Politics should not exploit fear towards foreigners'-Francis

Racism, hatred, intolerance spreading, pope warns

'Politics should not exploit fear towards foreigners'-Francis.

Never insult mothers

Honouring parents leads to long and happy life says Pope

Honouring your parents leads to a long and happy life, Pope Francis said Wednesday.

True love is passionate Francis tells French youths

Sex a gift from God says pope

Sex is a gift from God and real love is passionate, Pope Francis told youths from a French diocese at a Vatican audience Monday. "Sexuality, sex is a gift from God. No taboos.

Universiade 2019


Libia, 'salvati 116 migranti in mare'

Erano su un gommone, intervento assieme a un rimorchiatore


71% italiani approva fondi coooperazione

Eurobarometro, 7 su 10 in Ue, strumento per arginare migrazioni


Universiade: Green light at Lausanne

FISU Executive Committee on Sunday, first meeting on San Paolo