Spread doesn't reflect Italy solidity

Respect for public-finance rules already defined

(ANSA) - Beijing, August 28 - The recent widening of the Italian-German bond spread does not reflect the solidity of the Italian economy, Economy Minister Giovanni Tria said on a trip to China Tuesday.
    "The current spread does not reflect the fundamentals and the solidity of Italy," he said.
    "I recall that Italy has had a primary surplus for 20 years.
    "I believe that the (widening) is also due to a phase of uncertainty typical of the summer period.
    "But in its general lines respect for the public finance rules has already been defined".
    Respecting the EU's 3% budget deficit to GDP ratio has been criticised even by those who invented it "but it is very different from saying we'll surpass it," Economy Minister Giovanni Tria said on a mission to China Tuesday. Tria was answering a question on Industry Minister Luigi Di Maio's statement that the parameter could be breached to fund a minimum wage.
    Tria also said that in his talks with the EU "I don't see major conflicts within my competence".