Persecuted in Mideast real Christians (3)

May St Francis boost attention for environment

(ANSA) - Vatican City, October 4 - The persecuted people who are staying in the Middle East are real Christians, pope Francis said at his weekly general audience Wednesday.
    Speaking to a crowd of about 20,000 in a very sunny St Peter's Square, the pope said "let's think about the many pastors who are not abandoning their people".
    Real Christians are mild-mannered but not remissive and never "accommodating" for the sake of it, Francis went on.
    He called on the faithful to "open spaces of heaven, because hatred is not invincible".
    Speaking on the feats of St Francis of Assisi, the saint he named himself after, the pontiff also said "may St Francis's example boost attention for the environment".
    Finally, Francis said that at a synod for youth next March 19-24 "we will listen to youths from the non-Catholic world too".