Pope says some 'wash teeth with vinegar'

'They live constantly angry, poisoning their souls' pontiff says

(ANSA) - Vatican City, December 31 - Pope Francis said Thursday that angry people suffer from an illness "as if they cleaned their teeth with vinegar every day".
    "Anger is poisonous, it poisons the soul," the pontiff said during an audience for the Pueri Cantores international Catholic choral association.
    "Getting angry is something that not only harms others it harms yourself also," the pope added, "there are people who have a bitter soul, people who seem to live being always angry".
    "It seems like every morning they wash their teeth with vinegar to be so angry, like that it is an illness".
    "You can understand that if I don't like something I get a bit angry," Francis continued, "but the habit of getting angry, of shouting, of screaming at others is a poison".
    "When somebody is angry and screams, he wounds, like stabbing with a knife, this does not do good." "I get angry sometimes," the pope said, "but it helps me to remember the times I made other people angry".