'Hundreds' of Ronaldo documents -Spiegel

No reason to doubt their authenticity

(ANSA) - Berlin, October 11 - Der Spiegel, the German newsweekly that broke the news of US model Kathryn Mayorga's 2009 rape claim against Cristiano Ronaldo, on Thursday said it had "hundreds of documents" backing up its report.
    It said it had "no reason to doubt their authenticity".
    On Wednesday the Juve star's lawyer Peter S. Christiansen said documents in the rape allegation case which were hacked and distributed by the media this week were "manipulated or fabricated ex novo".
    The Portugal great denies raping Mayorga in 2009.
    "The sexual relations between Ronaldo and Mayorga were "absolutely consensual," the lawyer said, and the confidentiality agreement that followed does not in any way imply "an admission of guilt".