Anti-vaxxer wants to experiment on kid

'I can't explain' says on FB, wave of protests

(ANSA) - Rome, February 25 - An Italian anti-vaxxer doctor wants to "experiment" on a child with mumps in central Italy, according to his Faecbook post Monday.
    "I'm looking for a boy/girl rigorously a volunteer who has ONGOING mumps and is resident in Marche or neighbouring areas," said Dr Fabio Franchi.
    "It's an experiment that respects the Oviedo Convention and does not break the Nuremberg rules".
    "I can't explain more at the moment. I urge 'word of mouth'.
    NB I don't intend to give them any injections.
    Franchi is the author of the book AIDS: The Great Scam.
    A wave of protest from pro-vaccine experts including virologist Roberto Burioni came immediately.
    Burioni said "something must be done".
    Doctor and debunker Salvo Di Grazia said "this doctor, anti-vax guru and in the past an AIDS denier, is looking for a kid to carry out experiments.
    "This shows how dangerous they are". photo: anti-vax protesters