EU States will decide on stopping time

Will decide which system to adopt

(ANSA) - Brussels, August 31 - A European Commission spokesperson clarified Friday that EU states will decide whether to stop changing time for half of the year, and they will also choose which type of time they want to have.
    Earlier Commission President Jean Claude Juncker told German public broadcaster ZDF that the EC will recommend that member states scrap daylight saving, where clocks are moved one hour ahead in summer, after a majority of surveyed EU citizens said it should be abolished. "We carried out a survey, millions responded and believe that in future, summer time should be year-round, and that's what will happen", Juncker said.
    He added that the Commission was scheduled to decide on the matter later on Friday.
    "I will recommend to the Commission that, if you ask the citizens, then you have to do what the citizens say", he also said.
    Juncker said the measure will subsequently need to be approved by member states and the European parliament.