Salvini blasts new govt says 'real Italy' is protesting outside

Ex-interior minister accuses rivals of clinging to their posts

(ANSA) - Rome, September 9 - League leader Matteo Salvini, the former interior minister and deputy premier, on Monday blasted the new government as Premier Giuseppe Conte addressed the Lower House ahead of two confidence votes in parliament. Salvini pulled the plug on Conte's first government last month, prompting his former partners in the 5-Star Movement (M5S) to agree a pact with the Democratic Party (PD) to form a new executive.
    The League chief wants early elections.
    Salvini told a demonstration in front of the Lower House that the "piece of Italy" protesting against the new government represented the "majority in the country asking for a vote".
    "Today the division between the closed palace and the Italy in the street" is "evident", added Salvini.
    The former minister said he sent greetings to the "poltronari", referring to politicians he accused of clinging on to their posts, adding that "we continue to ask honor and dignity", addressing demonstrators.