ANPI reports CasaPound, Forza Nuova

Requests seizure of CasaPound HQ in Rome as illegal squat

(ANSA) - Rome, June 25 - The Italian Association of Partisans (ANPI) on Tuesday filed a formal police complaint against far right groups CasaPound and Forza Nuova for "their numerous acts of intimidation, violence and apology of Fascism repeatedly committed in recent times".
    The complaint also asked authorities to impound CasaPound's HQ in Rome, which is an illegal squat.
    There have been several eviction orders for the CasaPound HQ, situated not far from Termini Station, but none of them has been carried out.
    CasaPound proudly styles itself a Fascist group.
    Forza Nuova (FN) also makes no secret of its neoFascist roots.
    They have both been involved in clashes with antifascists while FN has been prominent in leading local protests against assigning council houses to Roma and bussing in migrants.