M5S renew Siri quit call

Why did undersecretary keep proposing wind power boosts they ask

(ANSA) - Rome, April 23 - In another sign of tension between the ruling partners Tuesday, the 5-Star Movement (M5S) renewed a call for League Transport Undersecretary Armano Siri, who has been accused of taking a 30,000 euro bribe from a Sicilian windfarm king linked to Cosa Nostra's no.1 fugitive, to step down.
    The M5S asked four questions including why had Siri on several occasions proposed wind power boosting moves which the M5S had always blocked.
    They also asked to know whether League Cabinet Secretary Giancarlo Giorgetti knew whether an assistant he had hired was the son of Paolo Arata, the businessman who allegedly gave Siri the bribe along with windfarm entrepreneur Vito Nicastri.
    Arata Sr is allegedly Nicastri's 'wheeler-dealer', the M5S said. photo: Siri