Reject League appeal on 49 mn seizure

Former leader Bossi, ex-treasurer Belsito embezzled party funds

(ANSA) - Rome, November 9 - A prosecutor at Italy's top court on Friday said the judges should reject League leader Matteo Salvini's appeal against the preventive seizure of 49 million euros in a case of embezzlement of party funds by former leader Umberto Bossi and others.
    Deputy Prosecutor General Marco Dall'Olio said Salvini's appeal should be rejected by the supreme Court of Cassation.
    On September 18 lawyers representing the League agreed on an arrangement with prosecutors for the seizure of party funds related to the convictions for fraud.
    Under the arrangement, 100,000 euros will be confiscated every two months for a total of 600,000 euros a year.
    The seizure relates to convictions handed down to former League leader Bossi, former treasurer Francesco Belsito and three ex auditors who were found guilty of fraud against the State estimated at 49 million euros, between 2008 and 2010, for illicit electoral spending reimbursements.
    Interior Minister and Deputy Premier Salvini said that it would be a problem for Italian democracy if his party were unable to operate because all of its money was confiscated.
    The fraud dates back to before Salvini was elected leader of the rightwing group.
    The League recently appealed to the Cassation Court against the seizure.