Pension reform adds 100 bn to debt-Boeri

He shd quit and run for office says Salvini

(ANSA) - Rome, October 11 - The government's proposed overhaul of the pension system, which will effectively bring down the retirement age, risks adding around 100 billion euros to Italy's public debt, Tito Boeri, the head of social security and pensions agency INPS, said Thursday - prompting Deputy Premier Matteo salvini to say Boeri should quit and run for office. The pension reform proposed by the M5S-League government, which would allow workers to retire when the sum of their age and number of years of pension contributions reaches 100, the so-called '100 quota', would lead to an "increase of the pensions' debt destined to weigh on future generations totalling 100 billion" euros, Boeri told the Lower House's labour commission.
    This system would make possible for a person to retire as early as 62, if they have 38 years of contributions. "We cannot refrain from sounding the alarm", the INPS chief added.
    Boeri should quit and run for office, Salvini retorted.
    "As an Italian I urge Mr Boeri, who again today defends his beloved Fornero (pension) law, to resign from the presidency of INPS and run in the next elections asking for votes to send people into retirement at 80," said the interior minister and leader of the anti-migrant Euroskeptic League party.
    "The more some big professors ask me not to touch the Fornero law, the more convinced I am that the right to a pension for hundreds of thousands of Italians (which means the right to work for hundreds of thousands of young people) is one of the greatest merits of this government".
    The reform raising the retirement age to 67, which left countless Italians without a pension or job overnight, was passed by then Labour Minister Elsa Fornero to restore sustainability to the system at the height of the sovereign-debt crisis in 2011.