Palermo mayor snubs Conte visit

Premier says money for city outskirts will be found

(ANSA) - Palermo, September 14 - Palermo Mayor Leoluca Orlando on Friday snubbed a visit by Premier Giuseppe Conte to a school in the city in protest at the government axing a programme with funds for the outskirts of cities. Conte said he disagreed with Orlando's move and promised that funding for the city outskirts projects would be found.
    "If the mayor thinks this and does not receive his premier that is up to him," Conte said.
    "But you have to be fair.
    "Yesterday I worked until late at night with around 20 mayors from (local authorities association) ANCA and I don't recall Mayor Orlando's face being there.
    "We have worked hard and found a solution with respect to a measure that was unconstitutional.
    "What's more, I have guaranteed a way to regain the funding. "If Mayor Orlando has projects in mind that he has not realised, that's not my fault".
    Sicilian Governor Nello Musumeci also missed the event because something unexpected came up.