School reform shouldn't be scrapped-min

Education minister says she believes in work placements

(ANSA) - Rome, July 11 - Education Minister Marco Bussetti said Wednesday that he thinks the 'Good School' reform passed by the centre left during the last parliament should be revised not scrapped. "The university and school sectors have been subject to reforms as such a pace that the new one was presented before the previous one had been implemented," Bussetti told a joint session of the House and Senate's education committees.
    "I don't want to resort to new reforms. The government does not intend to turn the Good School upside down, but the problems that have emerged should be addressed and resolved". Bussetti also defended one of the most controversial aspects of the Good School reform - work placements for high school students. "The alternation between school and work has been interpreted as an obligation, not an opportunity," he said.
    "It should not be shelved but it needs adjustments".