No alternative to EU for Italy

NATO commitment to south shd be same as east

(ANSA) - Rome, July 10 - Foreign Minister Enrico Moavero Milanesi said Tuesday there was no alternative to the European Union for Italy and terrorists were possibly arriving on some migrant boats.
    "I can't see alternatives to an active participation by Italy in the process of European integration," he said.
    "I have a dim view of isolationism and attempts at pure hindrance".
    Moavero said "let us rather seek to be bringers of ideas, also heterodox. You know well what you leave, you know less well what you find and that is also shown by what is happening in Britain".
    There is a "possibility" that terrorists are coming to Italy on migrant boats, Moavero Milanesi said. "Many elements lead us to believe that on the boats there are returning fighters and there may be people bringing a terrorist threat, so there is a direct interest with respect to the NATO defence clause," he said on the eve of the NATO summit in Brussels.
    "We will forcefully ask at the NATO summit for a rebalancing of the Atlantic Alliance's commitment towards the Mediterranean.
    We must have the same commitment towards the south as to the east".