Unions occupy town council in Blutec

At Termini Imerese

(ANSA) - Palermo, April 30 - The trade unions FIOM, FIM and UILM on Monday occupied the Termini Imerese town council in protest at the failure of the Blutec company to meet union demands..
    "The silence of the national government, guarantor of the agreement between Invitalia and Blutec, is not justifiable. This is why we have decided to occupy" the town council premises, the unions said in a statement, calling for "concrete answers for the thousand workers and the relaunch of the site". Invitalia is the economy ministry-owned National Agency to Attract Investments.
    They also asked for a meeting with the economic development ministry and noted that 20 days had passed since Invitalia had initiated the procedure to get 20 million euros back from Blutec, part of the public funding for getting the former Fiat plant back to producing. "But nothing has changed," they not, vowing to continue the protest. The president of the Sicily region, Nello Musumeci, said that the "immediately after the approval of the financial and budget law, we will work for a meeting at the economic development ministry to try to find a concrete solution for the workers and the relaunch of the site".