Our torturers head up police (3)

Refers to brutality at 2001 Genoa G8

(ANSA) - Rome, March 20 - Italy cannot expect Egypt to hand over those who tortured and killed Giulio Regeni as long as its own torturers head up the Italian police, appeals court assistant prosecutor Enrico Zucca said Tuesday, referring to brutality at the G8 summit in Genoa in 2001. "Our torturers are at the top of the police, how can we ask Egypt to hand over their torturers?" said Zucca.
    Zucca was among the judges who convicted Italian police of brutality in a night-time raid on an anti-globalist sleeping quarters in the Diaz school, an incident described by Amnesty International as the worst postwar suspension of democracy in Europe.
    Zucca went on: "September 11 2001 and the G8 marked a rupture in safeguarding international rights.
    "The effort we ask of a dictatorial country is an effort we have shown we ourselves cannot make for less dramatic affairs".
    Regeni, 28, was tortured and murdered in Cairo early in 2016 in a case in which Egyptian security officials are suspected.
    Egypt has always denied the involvement of its security apparatus, which is frequently accused of brutally repressing dissent.
    Regeni was being followed by police because of his research for Cambridge University into Egyptian street-seller unions, a politically sensitive issue.
    His main contact, the head of the Egyptian street-hawkers' union, had told police he was a spy.