Marra indicted for abuse of office (2)

Rome Mayor Raggi faces 'immediate' trial regarding same case

(ANSA) - Rome, January 9 - Raffaele Marra, the former right-hand man of Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi, was sent to trial on Tuesday for alleged abuse of office in connection with the promotion of his brother Renato from deputy commander of the municipal police to head of the city council's tourism department. The defendant was the city's head of personnel at the time. The trial is due to open on April 20. Last week Mayor Raggi requested an 'immediate' trial in relation to the same episode, over which she has been indicted for lying about Renato Marra's appointment. Raggi is set to appear before a court on June 21. "I am certain of my innocence and I don't want to dodge any trial," she said at the time.
    "I have full confidence in the justice system and I firmly believe that transparency is one of the most important values of our administration," Raggi added.