No attacks on democracy says Minniti (3)

'Can't exploit political uncertainty'

(ANSA) - Rome, December 7 - There is no room for attacks on democracy, Interior Minister Marco Minniti said Thursday referring to a recent raid by neo-Nazi skinheads on a pro-migrant meeting in Como and to yesterday's raid by the far-right Forza Nuova group on the Rome HQ of left-leaning daily la Repubblica. "If someone thinks that at a time of political uncertainty there could be room for infiltrating democratic practices, the answer is simple: there's no room," he said.
    "There are the bodies of the State that do not submit to political uncertainty," he asserted.
    Referring to the FN attack on la Repubblica and its declaration of war on the daily and the Democratic Party (PD), Minniti said "what happened is very serious because there was a clear and unequivocal threat on a newspaper and on press freedom".
    He said "when I heard the phrase 'we declare war on a publishing group' I immediately thought that was a declaration of war on ideas and in a democracy no one if allowed to declare war on ideas".