Put Italy first says Gentiloni (4)

No time for irresponsibility says PM

(ANSA) - Vicenza, October 12 - Premier Paolo Gentiloni called on the political world Thursday, "above and beyond understandable political contrasts," to "put Italy first".
    Speaking to the Italian association of municipalities ANCI, he said "it's no time for irresponsibility".
    Gentiloni spoke amid tension over an election-law bill going through parliament despite critics' contention it was an affront to democracy. The government will make "every effort" to ensure there is an "orderly" conclusion to the legislative term, Gentiloni said. The 2018 budget will not contain any new taxes and there will not be a hike in VAT, Gentiloni said, stressing the importance of avoiding moves that could have a "depressive effect" on the burgeoning economic recovery. Gentiloni has frequently stressed the budget should be as expansionary as possible within EU fiscal restrictions.
    The premier also said that resources were "limited" but that there was "scope for investment" and said there was a "solemn pact" between the State and the cities represented by ANCI.
    On Italy's success in cutting migrant flows from North Africa after deals in Libya, he said "perhaps we have got onto the right track".