Cabinet to tackle vaccines- Boschi (2)

Move to make vaccinations obligatory for school admission

(ANSA) - Rome, May 19 - Premier Paolo Gentiloni's cabinet will examine legislation to make vaccines obligatory for school admission on Friday, Cabinet Secretary Maria Elena Boschi said.
    "Today we will discuss the text on vaccines that we have worked hard on during the week, because you must not joke with children's health," Boschi said on Facebook. Italy has suffered an upsurge in measles cases amid growing vaccine skepticism.
    Some have blamed past statements by members of the 5-Star Movement (M5S) for contributing to this skepticism, which has seen vaccine coverage rates drop.
    The anti-establishment group has denied being against vaccines.
    The are reportedly differences within the government regarding the obligation for vaccines, however.
    Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin is said to be calling for it to be applied to all children aged up to 10.
    Education Valeria Fedeli, however, reportedly wants it to apply only up to the age of six and, therefore, only to nursery and infant schools.