Bossi can go if he wants - Salvini

'I don't put lead on anyone' - re-elected party leader

(ANSA) - Milan, May 15 - Matteo Salvini said Monday that Northern League founder Umberto Bossi was free to leave, after the former was re-elected chief of the party on Sunday.
    "I hope that no one goes and I am sure that many others will come," Salvini said when asked about the possibility of Bossi leaving and a splinter group forming.
    "If someone has reached political agreements with someone else, they should do what they feel is right.
    "If Bossi loves the League, he should have a good look at the numbers and help us in the battle.
    "But I can't put a lead on anyone". Salvini added that his victory in a vote of party supporters showed that people who said he was "one man in command" of the party were wrong.