Rome, region clash over trash crisis (2)

'Eternal problem without me' says Cerroni

(ANSA) - Rome, May 10 - The Rome city council, and the Lazio regional government clashed Wednesday over a trash crisis in the Italian capital.
    Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi said that the sight of the rubbish in the streets was a "disgrace" and that the city was working "round the clock" to solve the crisis, while the EU had said No to new waste dumps and incinerators.
    Raggi said she had sent the regional government a request to authorise new waste plants, but Lazio Governor Nicola Zingaretti denied this.
    He said "the doors are open to new proposals plants" but there had been "no such requests".
    Raggi retorted by saying "meetings are OK but he should grant the authorisations.
    Meanwhile ex-premier Matteo Renzi said there should be "an end to polemics" and we should all "get working on sorting out this crisis". Renzi has called out volunteers from his Democratic Party to clean up the Rome trash on Sunday.
    Meanwhile Environment Minister Gian Luca Galletti said that Rome's existing refuse plan does not feature solutions to the capital's trash crisis. "Even though it sets ambitious recycling goals, the refuse-management plan recently approved by the Rome executive does not provide concrete solutions for the sustainable management of the rubbish cycle in this phase and in the transitional period to achieving those aims," Galletti said in response to a question in the Lower House. The owner of the sprawling but now closed Malagrotta dump, Manlio Cerroni, said "without me Rome's trash problem will drag on for years, indeed I'd say forever". Cerroni was long the overboss of Rome's trash business.