Calenda reopens Istanbul mosque

Restored in joint project

(ANSA) - Istanbul, February 22 - Industry Minister Carlo Calenda on Wednesday reopened an Istanbul mosque that has been restored by Italy and Turkey.
    "It's a very symbolic moment, because here we have a work of art that is the composition of many works of art, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman," he said after inaugurating the Zeyrek Mosque in the historic Fatih district of the Turkish capital.
    "This restoration has maintained the harmony between them, a harmony that is also present in relations between our two countries and our cultures". Calenda went on to an Italo-Turkish business forum where he said that Italy and Turkey should collaborate in third markets. He added: "We have always underscored our values, which are those of full democracy, and we do so both as Italy and on a European level".
    On migrants, he said Turkey was doing a "difficult and complex" job and was being subjected to polemics in other countries that were "a little to be ashamed of"