ISIS plans to attack Mosul Dam (2)

'Specific, detailed warning' says Wikilao site

(ANSA) - Rome, September 7 - Italian troops guarding Iraq's Mosul Dam are in danger after a "specific and detailed" warning of an attack by ISIS militants, the Wikilao site said Wednesday, saying the troops were on maximum alert. It said the attack would be "the biggest attack ever conceived by the Caliphate" in Iraq. While there has been no "proclamation" of the impending attack, as is ISIS's practice, Wikilao said there was not a single attack planned but "a large-scale assault that they have been working on for months." It said "the machine for the operation has started rolling" even though the preparations were being conducted in high secrecy to maximise the surprise effect.
    An Italian team is helping efforts to repair the dam before it collapses.