Meloni appeals to Salvini, Berlusconi

'We can win together' says FdI leader

(ANSA) - Rome, March 16 - Rome mayoral candidate Giorgia Meloni of the small rightwing Brothers of Italy (FdI) party on Wednesday appealed to rightwing Northern League leader Matteo Salvini and centre-right Forza Italia leader Silvio Berlusconi to help her beat the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S).
    "I want to make an appeal to Salvini, to Berlusconi, and all the centre-right field: help me not to leave Rome to the M5S, let's win together, we can", she said. "I'm not interested in the leadership of the centre right but in the Romans', she said.
    Meloni is backed by Salvini but not yet by Berlusconi, who said earlier Wednesday he was sticking with former civil protection chief Guido Bertolaso. Berlusconi and Bertolaso have fed a row by saying Meloni should not run because she is pregnant.