Jobs number one priority says Mattarella

Deafeating 'Ndrangheta is possible says president

(ANSA) - Catanzaro, January 29 - President Sergio Mattarella said Friday that job creation is the number one priority for Italy. "Giving youth a future is the condition for the country's very survival," he said in the Calabria capital of Catanzaro.
    "Any talk of recovery must deal with employment". Mattarella added that defeating Calabria's powerful 'Ndrangheta mafia is possible. "The 'Ndrangheta is a threat to the entire country and defeating it is a national objective," he said. "Defeating the 'Ndrangheta is possible. It is a duty that must be placed at the top of any government agenda." He also said that politics fails to rise above particular interests when it is concerned only with "the mere and conservative reproduction of consensus - sometimes bordering on the gray zone that doesn't distinguish between lawfulness and unlawfulness - in the illusion of self-preservation, while the surrounding community can't obtain any concrete benefits".