Factory worker 1st Tiramisù world champ

Andrea Ciccollella, 28, Luxottica employee

(ANSA) - Treviso, November 5 - A worker in one of spectacle-maker Luxottica's factories won the first Tiramisù World Cup at the weekend.
    Andrea Ciccolella, 28, from Feltre, came top of 720 participants from around the world in the event, which was staged across the northern province of Treviso.
    Ciccolella got the highest marks from a jury of chefs, pastry makers, international journalists and world-recognised Tiramisù recipe inventor Roberto "Loli" Linguanotto.
    Linguanoto gave Ciccolella the pastry-maker's hat that symbolised his wizardry in assembling the traditional confection of 'savoiardi' sponge fingers, eggs, mascarpone, sugar, coffee and cacao.