Social Book Day celebrates reading

Thoughts, quotes and photos posted on social media

(ANSA) - Rome, October 15 - The seventh edition of Social Book Day is being held today.
    Social media users are encouraged to post phrases, photos and videos during the day to celebrate the beauty of reading, with the hashtag #SocialBookDay.
    "Reading is beauty" is the aphorism that is being used to kick off the international day for books on social media, organised by Libreriamo.
    On this day, book lovers support reading by posting phrases, photos and videos dedicated to the world of books on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, using the #SocialBookDay and mentioning @Libreriamo.
    Over the past 6 years, this digital event has generated over 57,000 tweets and retweets and over 28 million clicks, in part thanks to endorsements from influencers, opinion makers, journalists, Youtubers, radio speakers, DJs and other public and influential figures. "For us, books are a tool for the growth of a nation, as a way to bring people together, as a driver of the democratisation of public thought," said Saro Trovato, sociologist and founder of Libreriamo. "This is why, from Libreriamo's very beginning, we decided to establish a day - October 15 - to celebrate the beauty of reading. Social Book Day is a digital event that is held every year thanks to the support and sharing of the diverse community devoted to books and that celebrate the beauty of reading." During October 15, digital culture and the digital world in general will be the focus: Facebook pages that promote reading, Twitter and Instagram profiles of the leading names in Italian and world publishing, Youtubers and blogs as well as communities and forums specialised in reading. To take part, simply publish a personal phrase, thought or quote from one's favourite author on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or to support reading and books, using the #Socialbookday hashtag and mentioning @Libreriamo.
    The day aims to showcase the beauty of reading and to push forward with an awareness-raising campaign bringing together various communities devoted to books, starting from book lovers and aiming to get the entire web involved. Drawing attention to the importance of reading is ever more important, judging by the latest figures released by the national statistics institute, which showed that readers climbed slightly from 40.5% of the population in 2016 to 41% in 2017. The increase is positive but too slight to be considered reassuring and thus would signal the need to continue promoting reading as fundamental to our society.