Travellers' tales to shine in Modena

'Marvelous adventures' from Columbus to Merian Sep 21-Jan 6

(ANSA) - Modena, August 23 - Travelers' tales from Christopher Columbus to little-known 18th century scientist and voyager Sybilla Merian will illuminate the Galleria Estense in Modena from September 21 to January 6.
    Customs, trade, languages and landscapes discovered in Africa and the Americas by explorers, merchants and pilgrims including Jean de Mandeville, Giovan Battista Ramusio, Matteo Ricci, Athanasius Kircher, Carsten Niebhur and Francesco Gemelli Careri will be highlighted by the show.
    The exhibit is split into six sections ranging from expeditions to the Holy Land, exchanges with the Ottoman Empire, the gradual discovery of Africa, Franciscan trips in the Far East, trade and cultural ties with India and the discovery of the Americas.
    The latter section opens with an extremely rare first edition of the letter Columbus wrote to the Spanish royals announcing he discovery of the New World. The there is the incredible voyage of Merian to Suriname to explore the origin and reproduction of insects.
    The show ends with a selection of works of art reflecting the cultures, techniques and materials exchanged in the voyages of exploration.