Patierno to show Camorra documentary

Spotlight on Naples from 60s to 90s, 'before Gomorra'

(ANSA) - Rome, August 23 - Francesco Patierno is bringing a documentary on the Camorra from the 1960s to the 1990s, "before Gomorra', to this year's Venice Film Festival.
    "Naples is anarchic but not revolutionary, it is not a rebel city, it adapts to living conditions," Patierno told ANSA. The look at the Naples Mob, with the narrating voice and music of Meg from 99 Posse, is based on footage from the archives of State broadcaster RAI.
    "It will include material never seen before such as the images shot inside the 'bassi'," the director told ANSA.
    Patierno, whose credits include award-winning debut Pater Familias and last year's Diva! on the triangle between Rossellini, Bergman and Magnani, is continuing his examination of his native city which began with the Allied occupation in Naples '44.
    "Camorra is a look at Naples between 1960 and 1990 and the development of organise crime without exaltation, fascination, ideologies or moralism, and rather with a merciful gaze all documented by the RAI archives, used as an emotional instrument that is as honest as possible," he said.
    "It is a Camorra before Gomorra".
    As such, the film is a homage to reporters like Joe Marrazzo, Luigi Necco and Gianni Bisiach as well as historic programmes like Az, Un Fatto Come e Perchè and Telefono Giallo.
    Camorra is in competition at the 75th film fest, which runs from August 29 to September 8.