Five cops arrested in Naples

Other three suspended for one year

(ANSA) - Naples, January 27 - Five Carabinieri police officers were placed under house arrest Monday and three others were suspended for one year on charges of corruption, omission in official documents and revealing secrets.
    The investigation, coordinated by the DDA anti-mafia unit, were carried out by Carabinieri from Castello di Cisterna near Naples.
    Warrants for house arrest were served on Carabinieri Michele Mancuso, Angelo Pelliccia, Raffaele Martucci, Vincenzo Palmisano and Corrado Puzzo.
    Also placed under house arrest was the former chair of the town council at Sant'Antimo near Naples, Francesco Di Lorenzo. Camorra boss Pasquale Puca, already in jail for mafia crimes, also got another house-arrest warrant.
    The one-year ban was served on another three Carabinieri: Vincenzo Di Marino, under investigation for revealing official secrets and omission; Captain Daniele Perrotta, charged with omission in official documents; and Carmine Dovere, probed for abuse of office.
    The aggravating factor of mafia crimes was excluded in all 10 cases.