Italy marks Bologna bombing anniversary

Mattarella calls for 'areas of darkness' to be eliminated

(ANSA) - Bologna, August 2 - Italy on Friday marked the 39th anniversary of the Bologna train station bombing that killed 85 people on August 2, 1980.
    It was Italy's worst terrorist attack since World War II.
    "The public institutions have managed to establish the judicial truth, condemning the people who carried the attack out and shedding light on the neofascist nature of the terrorists," President Sergio Mattarella said.
    "However, the broader commitment to eliminate all the areas of darkness about the people behind the attack has not been achieved.
    "The truth must be totally established for justice to be complete".
    Justice Minister Alfonso Bonafede said that this would happen.
    "The time of silence is over," he said.
    "Finally, we are moving in the right direction. "I have been thanked many times for my presence here.
    "Allow me to say that my presence here is my duty, it is nothing special.
    "What is special is that you let me be here despite the negligence of the State for decades about this attack". Senate Speaker Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati and Lower House Speaker Roberto Fico, meanwhile, said in a joint statement that they were committed to declassifying and digitalizing documents from the parliamentary commissions of inquiry into the case.