Another baby dies after circumcision

Third such case since December

(ANSA) - Genoa, April 3 - A baby died in Genoa on Tuesday after being circumcised at home, sources said on Wednesday.
    The child's Nigerian mother and grandmother have been taken to the police headquarters in the northern city for questioning, the sources said. The father is said to be outside the country.
    The mother, 25, is said to have called the emergency services but the child was dead when they arrived. Investigators suspect that a third person carried out the circumcision and they are checking the phone records of the mother and grandmother to try to track that person down. It is the third such case in recent months in Italy.
    Last month a five-month-old baby died in Bologna's Sant'Orsola hospital following a botched circumcision, allegedly by his parents of Ghanaian origin.
    Another small child died in December due to an illegal circumcision performed at Monterotondo, near Rome.
    Yassine Lafram, the head of Bologna's Islamic community, has condemned the practice of subjecting children to illegal circumcisions.
    "We learn of the terrible news of the death of a five-month baby following an illegal circumcision with dismay," said Lafram after the second of the case.
    "It's a death that could certainly have been avoided and pains us deeply.
    "We firmly condemn these irresponsible gestures and we hope that they never happen again".