Migrant NGO acted agst Libyan orders

'Several irregularities' says deputy PM

(ANSA) - Potenza, March 19 - Deputy Premier Luigi Di Maio said Tuesday that migrant rescue NGO ship Mare Ionio acted against Libyan orders in picking up 49 migrants from an allegedly sinking dinghy off Libya Monday.
    "I have just spoken to Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. We are verifying the respect of legality. We have found several irregularities: the NGO which is Italian acted without listening to the orders of the Libyan Coast Guard, going against those orders," he said.
    Di Maio added: "I conform that there will not be another Diciotti case, and there will be a solution shortly", referring to a 10-day standoff with the EU last August over 177 migrants rescued by Italian Coast Guard ship Diciotti.