'Italian woman missing in Marseille'

30-yr-old from Taranto, Simona Carpignano

(ANSA) - Paris, November 6 - There is a young Italian woman among those missing following the collapse of two buildings in Marseille on Monday, French media said Tuesday amid reports it may be a 30-year-old from Taranto.
    Simona Carpignano lived in one of the buildings that collapsed in Marseille, sources said Tuesday.
    Carpignano went to the French city some six months ago to join a dear friend of hers who had found work there, the sources said.
    A waiter in a nearby bar, who knew the woman well, was shown on TV in tears.
    "She was a brilliant girl, she was studying here with us," he told a reporter present.
    Eight or more people are missing after the disaster.
    Carpignano's father told ANSA on the phone "I'm here (in Marseille), I'm in the offices of the judicial police, I want news".