Mafia-infiltration risk in Genoa- ANAC

Cantone expresses doubts about decree for city after disaster

(ANSA) - Rome, October 10 - Raffaele Cantone, the head of anti-corruption authority ANAC, on Wednesday expressed reservations about the government's decree for Genoa after the Morandi-bridge disaster. He noted that the commissioner tasked with overseeing the construction of a new viaduct to replace the Morandi bridge, which collapsed in August in a disaster in which 43 people died, was assigned "unprecedented" powers. He also warned of the risk of possible mafia infiltration in the reconstruction work. "The waiver of all extra-criminal regulations also entails the waiver of the antimafia code," Cantone told a Lower House hearing, adding that the decree had "shortcomings". "I don't think it is necessary to stress the intrinsic risks in this omission, above all because there are many activities linked to the reconstruction, from the movement of earth to the disposal of refuse, in which mafia companies, unfortunately, have undoubted know-how".