Man throws ex-partner and baby from car

Perpetrator arrested, woman injured but not seriously so

(ANSA) - Naples, October 9 - A 30-year-old man who had previously been known to the police has robbed his former live-in companion and then pushed her and her one-year-old child out of a moving car. The man has been arrested after the 29-year-old victim called the emergency services. The women told the carabinieri that the man had stolen 2,000 euros and earrings from her after an argument and then pushed her and her young daughter out of a moving car. Afterwards he came back to take away the cell phone with which she was making the call for help. The man was found and arrested shortly thereafter in his home. The stolen goods were recouped and given back to the woman. The woman is expected to heal from the minor injuries she suffered in seven days.