2 victims recovered from avalanche (2)

Near Lecco

(ANSA) - Rome, February 16 - The bodies of two victims - mountain rescue technicians - were recovered Friday from an avalanche at Mt Grignetta north of Lecco. The victims were named as Lecco man Giovanni Giarletta, 37, and Ezio Artusi, a 46-year-old surveyor from Introbio near Lecco.
    "We are mourning two friends," said the Lecco department of the mountain rescue service.
    It said Giarletta and Artusi had carried out "an extremely high number of rescues over the years".
    There were unconfirmed reports a third man may have been hit by the avalanche.
    A heli-ambulance and a fire-brigade helicopter are at the scene. Fire teams, mountain-rescue teams, police and health workers are also there.
    There has been a string of deadly avalanches in Italy this year.