Number of Piacenza probed rises to seven (3)

Five more as well as 3 organisers

(ANSA) - Piacenza, February 13 - The number of people under investigation for clashes between police and anti-Fascist protesters in which a Carabiniere was hurt in Piacenza Saturday has risen from two to seven, sources said Tuesday. As well as the two organisers, who are accused of instigation to commit crimes and breaking a public-safety law, there are five young people, none of the resident in the Emilian city, who are accused of other street-fighting offences, police said. It is not clear whether the five are accused of attacking Carabiniere officer Luca Belvedere and breaking his shoulder, sources said.
    The anticapitalist and anarchist squatters from so-called 'social centres' were protesting the opening in Piacenza of a chapter of neo-Fascist group CasaPound.