Mantua mayor sex-for-funds case shelved (3)

Charges agst Mattia Palazzi of PD dropped

(ANSA) - Mantua, January 9 - Mantua Mayor Mattia Palazzi has had charges of demanding sex for funding a cultural association dropped, judicial sources said Tuesday. Palazzi, a member of the centre-left democratic Party (PD), said he was "relieved" that the case had been shelved. "I was always sure I could prove my innocence," he said.
    he mayor of Mantua has been accused of demanding sex in exchange for funding for a cultural association, but his allege victim has defended him.
    Palazzi was placed under investigation at the end of November for allegedly demanding sexual favours in exchange for funding the local cultural association..
    The PD mayor was accused of asking a female representative of the association for sex, in exchange for municipal funding.
    Palazzi denied the charges, saying "I have never asked for favours from anyone, abusing my role as mayor." The PD official said "I know that lady but there was never anything private with her.
    "In the end the town council only awarded the patronage of one of the association's events".
    Palazzi's alleged accuser denied reporting him.
    "I never made any move against Palazzi," said the woman, the vice president of the cultural association.
    "Indeed, I go further: if false accusations come out against him I will defend him".